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Want hard proof of what this free workout can do before downloading? No problem. Click here to see powerful & authentic results achievedĀ by regular peopleĀ from all over the world.

MuscleHack is the home of Targeted Hypertrophy Training (THT).

Author and creator Mark McManus says,

“THT is the single best way to train for size and strength gains”.

It works, it’s been proven by thousands, and it’s totally free.

This is simply one of theĀ BESTĀ sites on the net for free tips on how to gain muscle fast and lose fat.



All the information on this site isĀ 100% FREEĀ and written by an industry professional. If you want to learnĀ how to build muscle fast,Ā MuscleHackĀ is THE place to be.

Muscle growth, which is sometimes calledĀ  ‘muscle hypertrophy‘, is what this site is all about. Yes there are thousands of different training systems out there, but this one is designed SPECIFICALLY to make your muscles larger – PERIOD!


The good news is that:

  • It works. See these authentic testimonials. And…
  • It’s FREE. Grab you free copy of the MuscleHack T.H.T. training system by entering your details below (instant download)…

Gain Muscle Faster & Burn More Fat

The ‘how’ of gaining muscle is FULLY covered on this site. At MuscleHack we are VERY different from the rest.

  • No fake testimonials
  • No contradictory advice
  • No fairy tales – just real results backed by real science

Where To Go First

So you want to get started and build some serious muscle? Firstly, you NEED to download the FREE ebookĀ Targeted Hypertrophy TrainingĀ (THT).

Simply add your name and email in the box up there at the top of the sidebar and you’ll get it. You won’t be spammed and you can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.

For a list of all MuscleHack programs and to see what is right for your goals, check out the ‘All Programs’ page here.

For the latest tips on muscle building and fat loss go the blog. For access to all the articles ever published check out the archives.

If you have an RSS reader, be sure to subscribe by RSS for the latest free tips.

This site is run by Mark McManus, a trainer from Ireland. Mark is the only person who writes on this site. There is a DEFINITE philosophy here with no conflicting ideas or messages like you get with other sites.

Here’s Mark’s promise to you:

  • I will NEVER sell out.
  • I will NEVER recommend a product I don’t personally believe in.
  • I will NEVER share your email address with ANYONE.
  • I will NEVER try to sell you something you don’t need.
  • I WILL keep the vast majority of everything I do FREE of charge.

What about diet? Luckily for you, MuscleHack details the best 2 diets for gaining muscle fast.

Why are they the best? Unlike the others, they allow you to build more muscle without gaining fat, AND they create a truly ANABOLIC environment inside the body! Here they are:

  1. M.A.N.S. Bodybuilding Diet (carb cycling)
  2. G.L.A.D. Bodybuilding Diet


One last note: NEVER trust a faceless site. NEVER trust a site run by someone who doesn’t show pics of themselves. NEVER trust a site run by someone who doesn’t HAVE the body they claim they can help you get. NEVER trust bodybuilding magazines (catalogs). NEVER take advice from someone who clearly uses anabolic steroids (if you’re natural). MuscleHack is the genuine article.

You CAN have your dream body, and it would be my privilege to coach you to success!

Stay Motivated!

Mark McManus.

Mark is a trainer & author of the NEW fat-torching system “Total Six Pack Abs” & the BREAKTHROUGH Arm-Maximizer program “The Arms Blast Experiment Revealed!” Got questions? Want FREE help and advice? Join our friendly community at the MuscleHack Facebook PageĀ and/or forum.


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