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Targeted Hypertrophy Training v5.4

THT54THT version 5.4 has arrived! Get the very latest edition of the most growth-promoting workout on the planet – free! If you are already on the MuscleHack subscriber list for THT updates, check your email! The download link has already been sent (make sure you check your spam folder too, and if it’s in there, please […]

hormone-theoryIf you listened to the very first MuscleHack Podcast, you will remember that I said that the whole business of building muscle is about one thing… Recruiting and stimulating the maximum number of muscle fibers possible. With this in mind, it can be confidently stated that you simply cannot get this job done if your […]

Episode 002: 7 Ways To Diet Without Being Hungry

IconForBlogMuscleHack Show Podcast 2 – 7 Ways To Not Feel Hungry When Cutting *The play button is at the bottom of this post*. Alternatively, you can listen here: Listen on iTunes Here [uk iTunes here] (please do leave a positive review, guys – thank you) Soundcloud here YouTube here Stitcher here Please share the podcast with […]

5 Research-Proven Techniques For Faster Muscle Gains

techniques-to-build-muscleYou want more muscle. I get it. And you’re tired of taking people’s “opinions” on what works. I get it. No problem. Here’s 5 strategies proven by science to increase muscle mass.  No opinion. No nonsense. If you can’t check off all 5, you know what to do.   (1) Supplement with Creatine Monohydrate Supplementing […]

Chest Blast Experiment: The Full List of Results

chest-blast-experiment-resuWhat would you say if I told you you could add 2 inches to your chest, maybe more, in a week? That’s precisely what happened to a bunch of volunteers I recently had go through an insanely intense chest workout (up to 3 times a week). I devised this program based on the results of a […]

Episode 001: What It Really Takes To Build Muscle

IconForBlogMuscleHack Show Podcast 1 – What It Really Takes To Build Muscle 4 Keys to Igniting New Gains *The play button is at the bottom of this post*. Alternatively, you can listen here: Listen on iTunes Here (please do leave a positive review – thank you) Soundcloud here YouTube here Stitcher here Please share the […]

How To Do Concentration Curls Correctly

concentration-curlsIf you saw my post from last September on a 2014 study that sought to find the best biceps exercise, you will have noted that Concentration Curls topped the list (from electromyography tests.) So what I want to do today is give you guys a video tutorial of how best to do this movement. The 1 thing […]

@CT Fletcher: Yes You Can Overtrain. Here’s How…

ct-fletcher-overtrainingSo a reader recently pointed me to a video claiming that overtraining was a myth. The point being made is that more work = better results. Basically, the old ‘more is better‘ mantra. Watch his short 1 minute video here…   The video is by CT Fletcher, many of you will have heard of him. […]

Do I Need To Go Into Ketosis To Lose Fat Faster?

keto-vs-low-carbThis is an important post for your fat loss success. Will going into ketosis produce better results than a regular low carb diet? Controlling your carbohydrate intake, eating fat, and getting your daily target of protein is THE optimal route for fat loss, and has been proven over and over again to be superior for body recomposition […]

Quick Bodybuilding Breakfast Recipe

bodybuilder-breakfast-recipYou can fuel muscle growth in a matter of minutes in the morning. Here is a quick and easy way to get 35g protein for breakfast. As a bonus, it tastes like a dessert! This is suitable for anyone on my GLAD gains diet, or any higher-carb diet. All you need is: (1) 1 tub of natural […]

Mark’s 8 Rules for Successful & Happy Living

how--to-live-a-happy-lifeAuthor Brendon Burchard says… At the end of our lives, we will ask ourselves 3 questions: Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter? Personally… I want to matter. I don’t need to change the world. But I want to have positively influenced hundreds/thousands of people before I kick the bucket. I want to […]

intra-workout-shakeI no longer take post-workout shakes. And I recommend you no longer take them either. Let me clarify…I still take a whey shake (with some creatine in there) – I just drink it DURING my workouts, not immediately after. In fact, I’ll start sipping on this shake a set or 2 into my session. So […]