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The Best Sources of Protein for Losing Fat

PROTEIN-FOR-CUTTINGI recently gave a list of the best proteins to use at night-time. It’s a really useful article and I highly recommend you read it here. To recap, I said that in order to stay anabolic all night and fuel growth, you should be opting for: Eggs Fish Beef Chicken Or any combination of these. […]

How To Reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

get-rid-of-muscle-sorenessD.O.M.S. is a pain in the ass – sometimes quite literally (day after leg day). Is it possible to reduce the pain? Actually, yes it is. Here are 5 ways you can reduce DOMS…   (1) TAKE CAFFEINE   Surprised? Apart from improving in-gym performance, caffeine actually helps alleviate DOMS. You can save a ton […]

THT Training Version 6 Available For Download

THT6coverTargeted Hypertrophy Training version 6 is here! I totally believe this way of training to be the best way on the planet for making size gains (hence the “targeted hypertrophy”). And all these guys who made massive gains are with me!   Even better…today I’m giving absolutely everything away free without having to subscribe to […]

Eat Less Often For Better Muscle Gains

protein-per-mealWell all know those guys who eat a protein meal every 3 hours to keep themselves ‘anabolic.’ They’ve been told at some point that this is the optimal way to eat since the body can only absorb 30g of protein per meal. This is just wrong. And very recent new evidence helps blow this theory […]

7 Mistakes That Are Screwing Up Your Muscle Gains

7-bodybuilding-mistakesPay attention to the following 7 points that I’m going to make. Because if you are making 1 or more of these mistakes, you are most definitely not making the gains you could be!     (1) SKIPPING WORKOUTS   This is a MUCH bigger deal than most people realize. When you skip a workout, you […]

The Best Advice You’ll Ever Hear For Building Muscle

tips-to-build-muscleThis article, in just 4 words, contains the best tip you’ll ever hear for building muscle. You ready for it? And when I tell you, will you put it into practice? I hope so. Here it is. Just 4 words…     4 WORDS: MAKE YOUR MUSCLES WORK   What I mean is that for […]

Should I Bulk or Cut First?

bulk-or-cutMan, do I ever get this question a lot. It’ll usually go something like this… “Mark, I’m at XX% body fat and XXlbs. I’m not sure whether I should cut or focus more on gains for another while before cutting.” For me, it’s all about what body fat percentage bracket you are in. MuscleHack promotes […]

How To Get Ripped Then Make Lean Gains

Total-Six-Pack-AbsIn my most recent blog post on Monday, I told you how to get rid of stubborn belly fat. Here is a guy who took my advice a number of months ago and put it into practice. And like everyone else who does so, he succeeded! He is Dany, who lives in Boston, Massachusetts. You can him on […]

How To Remove Stubborn Belly Fat (the truth)

how-to-get-rid-of-muffin-topYes you CAN remove that stubborn, unwanted fat from the front of your abs. But the solution is probably not what you think. The fact is that if the fat on your midsection is too think, you WILL NOT see your abs. Naturally then, so many people get in touch with me on a daily basis […]

How To Eat At Night To Fuel Muscle Growth While You Sleep

what-to-eat-at-night-to-build-muscleMy advice: Read this article – it’s important. Much is made of nutrient-timing during the post-workout period, and rightly so. This meal (usually liquid) is essential for kick-starting the anabolic process after the catabolic activity of working out. But not enough is made of an equally important period – night time. How should we eat […]

How To Pack On Muscle Mass Fast

HarrisonYou know you can build muscle at any age, right? And if guys in their 50’s and women in their 40’s are getting muscular and ripped and you’re not, you have to ask yourself, “Why aren’t I?” You have no excuse. Ok, actually, you do have 1 excuse – you’ve tried lousy, poorly-designed, unscientific training […]

Brand New THT Free Workout Guide To Download

THT-workoutGuys, I’ve created a new easy Quick-Start Infographic for THT Training! I think it’s pretty cool. I wanted a quick and visual way for people to get started with THT. Basically, I want anyone coming to my site to be able to know exactly how to train within about 5 minutes for the best gains ever! […]