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how-to-build-big-armsHere it is. My full killer arm workout! This is how I’ve built a set of thick and muscular arms over the years. Now you can too. All the variables for a superior workout are here: The correct intensity The correct volume The very best and most effective exercises The best rep range The correct […]

How You Can Train Yourself To LOVE Healthy Food

train-yourself-to-like-healthy-foodGreat news! Something I’ve long suspected has now been scientifically verified! HUMANS CAN BE TRAINED TO LIKE HEALTHY FOOD Our tastes are formed early in our lives – in those first few months. The bad news is that a recent study found that 53% of processed baby foods have an excessive number of calories from […]

Build Big Triceps With Decline Tricep Extensions

decline-tricep-extensionsIf you want bigger arms, watch this video! Remember, the triceps take up 2/3rds of your arms. The biceps 1/3rd. So you really need to work those tri’s effectively for thick, muscular arms. Decline Tricep Extensions fit the bill extremely well! I’m doing these with different form now than I used to. “Constant Tension” on […]

weight-training-fat-lossI’ve been saying for years that cardio is ineffective. I’ve also said that resistance training like lifting weights IS cardio. And if you can’t understand the preceding sentence, read my in-depth article on it here. Today I want to share a study on ‘weight training vs cardio’ for changes in waist circumference, but first… Here […]

45% Off Buff Baking Muscle Cook Book For 48hrs

buff-baking-discountThe first and only discount on my Buff Baking muscle cookbook is here – and it’s HUGE! I’m offering $12 off the $27 retail price, which is 45% off! You can bag Buff Baking over the next 48hrs for just $15 (about £9.75). Simply click ‘ADD TO CART’ below. On the page that opens, use […]

How To Build A Big, Rock-Solid Chest

build-big-pecsThis is it. My own POWERFUL chest workout. Straight from the pages of THT Training and how I’ve sculpted an awesome set of pecs over the years – yes my pecs are probably my favorite body part All the variables for a superior workout are catered for here: The correct intensity The correct volume The […]

How To Do Decline Dumbbell Bench Press For a Big Chest

Decline-Dumbbell-Bench-PresThe single most effect chest exercise is… The Decline Dumbbell Bench Press. That’s according to a study I talked about in 2014 (along with the best exercises for every body part). You can read all about it here – The Top 12 Exercises. It simply recruits more muscle fibers than any other chest movement. So […]

Partial Chest Flys Are Better Than Full Range

Chest-FlysLet me be upfront and get the controversy out of the way early… Partial Chest Flys are a much more effective exercise than Full Range Chest Flys. Why do I say that?   After a few inches from the bottom of each rep, there is very little resistance placed on the pecs at all. The […]

Episode 003: Run on Fat, Not Carbs

IconForBlog. MuscleHack Show Podcast 3 – Run on Fat with Donal O’Neill One of the most enlightening conversations I’ve ever had! You’ll love this interview with Donal O’Neill. *The play button is at the bottom of this post*. Alternatively, you can listen here: Listen on iTunes Here [uk iTunes here] (please do leave a positive review, […]

3 Unattractive Qualities Real Men Shouldn’t Have

unattractive-male-qualitiesThe “modern man” has a lot of work to do. A lot of men aren’t men anymore. How did it happen? I’m not 100% sure, but it needs to be addressed. There are 3 qualities especially that I have noticed in many men today. These qualities are so unmanly that I can imagine that women […]

Is Heavy Weight And Low Reps Best For Muscle Growth?

heavy-weight-low-repsGetting the right weight, and the right rep range is critical to your success in this game. In a recent article I debunked the idea that the hormonal release from compound-only routines (like 5×5) was sufficient to stimulate maximum muscle growth. This is called the Hormone Theory, and it’s bunk. You also need those isolation […]

6 Reasons You Don’t Have A Six-Pack

reasons-you-dont-have-6-pacIf you’ve tried and failed to get a six-pack in the past, this post is for you. It shouldn’t be so puzzling. Once you really get these 6 points, you’ll know where you went wrong.   (1) You’re just eating too damn much. Always keep in mind that the single most important factor is getting […]