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How To Build Muscle Mass Fast – Complete Guide

how-to-build-muscle-fastYou can be LIGHT-YEARS ahead of 99% of the guys at the gym in just 10 minutes. If you’re serious about building slabs of new muscle, and you want stellar results like all these guys got for free, keep your eyes glued to this post for the next few minutes. No other single article on […]

NEW! A “Chest Blast” Program Is On The Way!

chest-blast-experimentWant a bigger chest in a hurry? I can get that for you…if you’re willing to do the work! If you missed my announcement a couple weeks ago on facebook, check this out…   After arms, the chest is the one body part that people continually contact me about. Everyone wants bigger pecs. Fortunately for […]

Young Man Goes From Skinny-Fat To Beach Body

JuanitobeforeandafterYou know the term “Skinny-Fat”? It’s basically when someone who has a predominantly “ectomorphic” body type (skinny, not much muscle) has accumulated fat in all the wrong places. People like this tend to store fat on the midsection and chest. The result is a look that is both skinny and fat. However, it makes a […]

socialmediaIf you need some renewed motivation for your training, read this post! It contains comments from social media from Muscle Hackers producing astounding results with THT training. We’re talking pretty phenomenal muscle gains alongside fat loss. If your training has been below par recently, or non-existent, it’s never too late to start over. Read these […]

burn-calories-without-exercA debate has been raging for decades (but especially over the last 10-15 years since the Atkins diet gained worldwide popularity) about whether or not a low-carb diet has a “metabolic advantage” over other nutritional strategies. A number of years ago I interviewed Anthony Colpo about this issue. He strongly disagreed with it. I have a lot […]

7 Reasons Why Kale Is Good For You

kale-is-healthyIn this day and age, many “superfoods” are over-hyped…but kale really is great! I’d highly recommend you get more kale in your diet. Here’s 7 reasons why kale is good for you:     (1) Vitamin K One serving of kale will give you more than your daily need of vitamin K. Vitamin k is […]

Post-Workout Carbs – Crucial or Counter-Productive?

post-workout-carbsMyth-busting time! It’s been probably about 7 years since I last dumped dextrose into my post-workout shake. Why? Adding carbohydrates to your PWO shake has no impact on fueling muscle growth and can only serve to add needless sugar and calories to your diet. To state my case very quickly  – PWO carbs: Do not […]

10 Bodybuilding Supplements You Should Never Buy

bodybuilding-supplementsDon’t get scammed. Don’t waste your money. I’ve been saying this for years: MOST bodybuilding supplements are garbage and don’t work! In contrast to my recent article on the best bodybuilding supplements, I’ve put together a list of the top 10 products that do not work and you should never buy. (1) Tribulus Terrestris Back in 2011, […]

This 1 Move Builds More Muscle In Every Set

1-tweak-for-bigger-musclesThis post is deliberately short, but its value cannot be overstated. Implementing this advice will stimulate more muscle growth right from your very next workout – I guarantee it. When is a set over? In THT training, we go to positive failure i.e. the last rep where you can do the positive/lifting part with reasonably […]

How Much Protein is Needed to Build Muscle?

protein-builds-muscleHow to work out exactly how much protein you need to build muscle at optimal levels. Supercharge your results with this simple formula...

Steve Austin: His Secret Struggle To Build This Muscle

steve-austin-kevin-nashSteve Austin hates his shoulders! And “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash hates his legs! They talk about it together in the video below. Do you hate a certain body part that you just wish would grow faster? You’re not alone! Even guys you wouldn’t think would be unhappy with their body…are! As Nash himself says, “It’s […]

Feel The Muscle, Not The Weight

feel-the-muscle-not-the-weiThe title of this article itself is great advice. It’s probably the one thing that most lifters forget, which results in a loss of meaningful progress. Listen…this is bodybuilding. The clue is in the name – to build the body. If you want your muscles to get bigger, they need to be trained in a […]