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How I Got My Traps To Start Growing Again

get-your-traps-to-growIf your traps aren’t where you want them to be, I’ll tell you how to get them growing again. Recently a reader commented on one of my videos that my traps had come along in recent times. He was right! Traps have always been a stubborn body part for me. But over the last year […]

6 Ways To Build Muscle Without Adding Any Body Fat

build-muscle-stay-leanIt’s a long-held myth that in order to gain muscle, you have to accept getting fatter too. It annoys me. It’s wrong. And there are many examples of people all around the world (myself included) who are consistently demonstrating that it isn’t true. Heck, some people are adding muscle while cutting, like on the Total Six […]

The Chest Blast Experiment – First Results

chest-blast-experimentIncredible. Absolutely incredible – that’s all I can say! A few weeks ago I put the call out for some guinea pigs to test out a new workout I had designed to increase chest size in a super-short period of time. I was confident…but now I’m blown away!! Not everyone has finished the experiment and given […]

6 Ways Science Says Men Can Be More Attractive To Women

6-ways-men-can-be-sexierMen, if you want to be more attractive to the opposite sex, you should read this post. There have been many studies designed to find out what women find sexy in a man. I’ve looked at a few and put down the top 6 options with some commentary (don’t ask for study references because I […]

Crazy Emails I Get – November 2014

Stupid-EmailsI haven’t written one of these posts in ages. The volume of dumb and crazy emails I get has decreased over the last year. I think it’s because I scared these people off with my last couple of posts on the issue – here and here. I’ve hidden any personal information to protect their identities. This’ll give you […]

How To Build Muscle Mass Fast – Complete Guide

how-to-build-muscle-fastYou can be LIGHT-YEARS ahead of 99% of the guys at the gym in just 10 minutes. If you’re serious about building slabs of new muscle, and you want stellar results like all these guys got for free, keep your eyes glued to this post for the next few minutes. No other single article on […]

NEW! A “Chest Blast” Program Is On The Way!

chest-blast-experimentWant a bigger chest in a hurry? I can get that for you…if you’re willing to do the work! If you missed my announcement a couple weeks ago on facebook, check this out…   After arms, the chest is the one body part that people continually contact me about. Everyone wants bigger pecs. Fortunately for […]

Young Man Goes From Skinny-Fat To Beach Body

JuanitobeforeandafterYou know the term “Skinny-Fat”? It’s basically when someone who has a predominantly “ectomorphic” body type (skinny, not much muscle) has accumulated fat in all the wrong places. People like this tend to store fat on the midsection and chest. The result is a look that is both skinny and fat. However, it makes a […]

socialmediaIf you need some renewed motivation for your training, read this post! It contains comments from social media from Muscle Hackers producing astounding results with THT training. We’re talking pretty phenomenal muscle gains alongside fat loss. If your training has been below par recently, or non-existent, it’s never too late to start over. Read these […]

burn-calories-without-exercA debate has been raging for decades (but especially over the last 10-15 years since the Atkins diet gained worldwide popularity) about whether or not a low-carb diet has a “metabolic advantage” over other nutritional strategies. A number of years ago I interviewed Anthony Colpo about this issue. He strongly disagreed with it. I have a lot […]

7 Reasons Why Kale Is Good For You

kale-is-healthyIn this day and age, many “superfoods” are over-hyped…but kale really is great! I’d highly recommend you get more kale in your diet. Here’s 7 reasons why kale is good for you:     (1) Vitamin K One serving of kale will give you more than your daily need of vitamin K. Vitamin k is […]

Post-Workout Carbs – Crucial or Counter-Productive?

post-workout-carbsMyth-busting time! It’s been probably about 7 years since I last dumped dextrose into my post-workout shake. Why? Adding carbohydrates to your PWO shake has no impact on fueling muscle growth and can only serve to add needless sugar and calories to your diet. To state my case very quickly  – PWO carbs: Do not […]