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What To Eat After Training For Muscle Growth

post-workout-meal3Y’all know I’m a GLADiator i.e. I do the GLAD diet for most of the year to pack on muscle without adding body fat (Glycemic Load Anabolic Diet). I was asked recently what I eat as a post-workout meal. That’s the meal that comes after your post-workout shake. In order it would be: Train. Shake […]

How To Be 100% Certain You Are Building Muscle

certainty-in-bodybuilding. If you don’t rest enough, you don’t grow enough.~ Mike Mentzer I’ve tried to explain this concept ’til I’m red in the face. However, some people still don’t get it. I don’t really know why, so I’m going to try and articulate this point in the clearest way possible today. If you have any […]

10 Ways To Stop Worrying Forever

stop-worry-thoughts  “A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work. ~ John Lubbock” Are you prone to worry a lot? While we all worry from time to time, chronic overthinking can really ruin your life. Worry can alert you to pay attention to something, and so it serves a use. But too […]

Why Cardio Sucks & You Don’t Need To Do It

Cardio-SucksYes – CARDIO SUCKS! And it’s true – you don’t need to do it. Great news, eh? But do you believe me? Today I’ll prove it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re “doing cardio” for health/cardiovascular benefits, or to aid in fat loss, it’s just unnecessary. This article tells it like it is. If you want […]

Omni-Contraction Training For Bigger Gains

omni-contractionsDid you see my recent post on 6 muscle-building techniques you’ve never heard of? If you haven’t applied these techniques, you’re leaving gains on the table. Go read it, it’s awesome. You’ll see that number 3 on that list was Omni-Contractions. Today, I’ll give you further instructions on this “muscle-fiber-frying” technique and tell you how it […]

Lying Cable Curls For Bigger Biceps

lying-cable-curlsDo you know that the most effective bicep exercise is? Well, fairly scientific findings revealed that it’s actually the concentration curl (Arnold style- see here). Having said that, they didn’t test cable preacher curls, which are my all-time favorite. One issue many guys had with the cable preacher is that, in their gym, the preacher benches […]

Why NOT Changing Your Routine Gives You Bigger Muscles

change-bodybuilding-planToday’s post is short, but powerful. It contains key information which will produce better and faster gains. I’m sure most of you have heard many “experts” recommend that you change your routine frequently to ignite new gains – sometimes as often as every week. But…it’s just wrong. No matter what they say about “muscle confusion”, muscles don’t […]

Can Meditation Make Your Muscles Bigger?

meditation-bodybuildingCan daily meditation give you bigger muscles? Something you may not know about me is that I meditate on a daily basis. Or in modern terminology, I practise mindfulness every day. Sometimes just as little as 5 minutes if I’m pressed for time. What you also didn’t know (actually I didn’t know, either) is that […]

6 Things All The Big Guys Do To Build Muscle Faster

6-tips-build-muscleDid you see my recent article where I spelled out 5 mistakes people make that kill their gains? Well, there are also certain things that all successful guys do in this game. The guys and girls who have achieved their goals (me included) all do the following 6 things. How many are you doing?   (1) THEY ARE […]

The Best Bodybuilding Diet Revealed

Carb-cycling-diet-planThis, I believe, is the best body building diet for natural bodybuilders to build maximum muscle.

1 Mind Hack That Allows You To Achieve Your Goals

mind-hack-for-successI was going to call this article ‘How to Install a Successful Person’s Mindset into your Brain‘… Because that’s essentially what this is all about. I think you’ll love this post. It may even change your life. Even Will Smith agrees with me – you’ll see below. Just take 5 minutes to read it and […]

home-made-pre-workoutI’ve got a real treat for you today… the world’s cheapest pre-workout supplement. Depending on how often you train you can get up to almost a year’s supply of this POTENT pre-workout for $40!!    While I’ve talked about my homemade pre-workout cocktail before (see here), this time I have a high-quality video made by MuscleHack reader Juanito Taveras. […]