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6 New Tips To Build More Muscle & Burn Fat

build-muscle-burn-fatIt’s still early days in 2016, so if you are serious about the making the gains you’ve always wanted this year, here are 6 tips you’re gonna need to see. I’m doing all of these. Are you?     (1) WHEY IS THE BEST PROTEIN   Whey protein is the single best protein source on […]

Top Shelf Kittie Does THT 3-Day Training

top shelf kittyI was recently contacted on Instagram by TopShelf Kittie, who wanted to tell me she was beginning the THT training 3-day full body routine. My Instagram is here – add me 😀 She made the following YouTube video to document her journey. Check it out…     You can get her on Instagram here and Youtube […]

Why Not Sleeping Enough Could Be Making You Fat

sleep-deprivation-gain-fatHow much sleep are you getting per night? It may not be enough. In a recent post I called ‘Why You Didn’t Build Muscle In 2015‘, I put the number 1 issue as… You’re not getting enough sleep. I didn’t put it as no.1 because it’s the most crucial factor, but because it’s unbelievably common […]

How To Burn Fat By Lifting Weights

burn-fat-lifting-weightsAs a Muscle Hacker, your goal is not weight loss. It’s FAT loss. The big problem with most conventional advice (especially marketed towards women) is that you lose muscle tissue in addition to fat. So even if you’re successful in losing weight, your actual SHAPE will more than likely be worse than it was before. Ugh! […]

build-muscle-2016If your muscle-building efforts didn’t yield results in 2015, I have the answers for you. There’s a reason for everything in this world. And lack of bodybuilding progress can also be explained…so read this post to ensure 2016 is the year you finally succeed and get the body you want.     (1) YOU’RE NOT […]

NEW! A Leg Blast Experiment Is Coming. Sign Up Now…

Leg-Blast-workoutWant bigger legs in a hurry? I can get that for you…if you’re willing to do the work! If you missed my announcement a couple weeks ago on facebook, check this out…       Right now I’m at Stage 4 😀 So here’s the deal… As with the previous ‘Chest Blast‘ and ‘Arms Blast’ workouts, […]

OMG, This Protein Powder Is No More Effective Than Water

soy-protein-build-muscleSo this is shocking stuff. There have been conflicting studies on this issue for years. Some say soy protein is bad for you. For example, there has been talk of lowered testosterone levels or testicular shrinkage. There’s a good write up on soy and men’s health here. Some say it’s not harmful at all, but […]

Change Rep Ranges Every 10 Weeks For Better Muscle Gains

REPS-TO-BUILD-MUSCLEI’ve stated before that 1 rep range beats them all for size gains, and that’s 8-12 reps per set. When rep ranges are too low, you make more “neural” adaptations and some strength gains. See these 2 articles for more: Why 5×5 workouts are not optimal for size gains Why 2 reps per set won’t […]

muscular-failureI’ve been recommending people train to failure for years. It’s the only way to get 100% out of every set. Nevertheless, I sometimes get asked…is it really necessary to go to failure in every set? Every single set? Short answer – yes. If you want to produce real structural changes in muscle mass, yes you […]

7 Legit Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism

speed-up-metabolismEver wondered if it is possible to speed up your metabolic rate? People talk about this, but is it realistic? You’d burn more energy at rest, not to mention just feel better (did you know that anything that tends to speeds up your metabolism, puts you in a better mood? The reverse is also true). […]

The Best Sources of Protein for Losing Fat

PROTEIN-FOR-CUTTINGI recently gave a list of the best proteins to use at night-time. It’s a really useful article and I highly recommend you read it here. To recap, I said that in order to stay anabolic all night and fuel growth, you should be opting for: Eggs Fish Beef Chicken Or any combination of these. […]

How To Reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

get-rid-of-muscle-sorenessD.O.M.S. is a pain in the ass – sometimes quite literally (day after leg day). Is it possible to reduce the pain? Actually, yes it is. Here are 5 ways you can reduce DOMS…   (1) TAKE CAFFEINE   Surprised? Apart from improving in-gym performance, caffeine actually helps alleviate DOMS. You can save a ton […]

THT Training Version 6 Available For Download

THT6coverTargeted Hypertrophy Training version 6 is here! I totally believe this way of training to be the best way on the planet for making size gains (hence the “targeted hypertrophy”). And all these guys who made massive gains are with me!   Even better…today I’m giving absolutely everything away free without having to subscribe to […]

Eat Less Often For Better Muscle Gains

protein-per-mealWell all know those guys who eat a protein meal every 3 hours to keep themselves ‘anabolic.’ They’ve been told at some point that this is the optimal way to eat since the body can only absorb 30g of protein per meal. This is just wrong. And very recent new evidence helps blow this theory […]

7 Mistakes That Are Screwing Up Your Muscle Gains

7-bodybuilding-mistakesPay attention to the following 7 points that I’m going to make. Because if you are making 1 or more of these mistakes, you are most definitely not making the gains you could be!     (1) SKIPPING WORKOUTS   This is a MUCH bigger deal than most people realize. When you skip a workout, you […]

The Best Advice You’ll Ever Hear For Building Muscle

tips-to-build-muscleThis article, in just 4 words, contains the best tip you’ll ever hear for building muscle. You ready for it? And when I tell you, will you put it into practice? I hope so. Here it is. Just 4 words…     4 WORDS: MAKE YOUR MUSCLES WORK   What I mean is that for […]