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How Much Protein To Take After A Workout

how much protein to take after a workoutAfter an intense training session you need some protein in your body to KICKSTART the anabolic process. Remember, the workout itself is a catabolic activity i.e. it breaks muscle tissue down. So to get out of that catabolic state and into an anabolic one as quickly as possible, we need protein. Liquid protein works best as […]

How To Make Low Carb Quest Protein Bars

Homemade-Quest-Protein-BarsQuest protein bars are awesome. I recommend them, and everybody loves them. They’re high in protein, legitimately low in carbs (no sugar alcohols), they’re filling, delicious, but…they’re pretty expensive – about £1.80 per bar or over $2/bar in the US. I’ll tell you how to make 3 of their bars: Vanilla Cinnamon Roll Chocolate Peanut […]

30 Day Squat Challenge Debunked

the-28-day-squat-challengeHave you seen this thing floating around the web? The 30 day squat challenge? It caught my eye on facebook. Does it work? Nope. Will you get results? Not really. It’s rubbish. If you’ve been reading my work for any time, you probably know why I don’t like it. For anyone wanting REAL change (ladies […]

Do You Need To Get A Pump To Build Muscle? Answered

pump-to-build-muscleIt sure does look good! Feels good, too. But is a muscular “pump” just a cosmetic bonus, or can it actually contribute to the growth process? The answer may surprise you… Do You Need To Get A Pump? . The answer is yes and no. You can certainly get a pump and not have stimulated […]

8 Alternatives To Butter To Spread On Your Bread

butter-alternativesButter is goooooooooood. Hey, even Time magazine is recommending we eat butter (the real stuff, not the plasticized oil we called margarine). But we all need a change sometimes. Read to try something new? I’ve put together a list of 8 alternatives to butter to spread on your bread/toast. They’re healthy and delicious. If you […]

What My Mother Said To Me!

momWhen you were a teenager, do you remember thinking, “I can’t wait to be an adult so my mother won’t be able to try and tell me what to do”? I remember. But then you grow up and realize…IT NEVER ENDS lol. Fact is, you’ll always be a kid in her eyes and she’s always […]

best-bodybuilding-supplemenIf you want to know what supplements actually work (and which ones I take), pay close attention to this strictly no B.S. article. If you want the best help possible to build muscle and lose fat, this is for you. I’ll also help you save some cash by telling you where to get them on […]

The “Goldilocks” Principle of Building Muscle

Goldilocks principle bodybuildingI call it the “Goldilocks” principle of muscle building! You remember Goldilocks, right? The porridge that was not too hot, not too cold, but just right? Years ago when I first started my real research into the science of building muscle, I discovered a similar principle. There is: A rep range and a “time under load” […]

Download T.H.T. Training 5.3 Free Now

THT-training-53THT 5.3 has landed! This is the best version of THT training to date. Not only is the training even better, but the book itself has been improved. Download instructions have already been sent to everyone on the MuscleHack mailing list. If you’re not on the list or missed the email, input your details below […]

Weight Lifting Injuries And How To Fix Them

weight_lifting_injury_fixesThis is a guest post by my good friend Patrick McGrann, a Physiotherapist in Belfast, Ireland. Paddy says… I am delighted to be asked to write a guest blog for MuscleHack. As a Physiotherapist I have a great interest in all things exercise and lifting. And as a lifter myself, I have been a big […]

Matthew-McCrayI love getting emails about the incredible results MuscleHack readers are achieving out there (in contrast to the stupid emails I sometimes get). Here is an example of just one such email from 20 yr old Matthew McCray. Being an ectomorph, he is starting out with a small frame, much like I was. But even […]

Which MuscleHack App Icon Do You Like?

icon square v3This is a quick little post to get your take on which icon I should use for the next MuscleHack app. A great guy called Joel Choo has put these together for me. I have my personal favorite, but what’s yours? Which one do you want to see grace the screen of your phone/tablet? Comment […]