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Whey Vs BCAAs. Which Is Best For Building Muscle?

whey or bcaas for building muscleShould you take whey, BCAAs, or both? Are you missing out on gains if you don’t? No-one doubts that these products can be effective for building muscle. But do you need both? Or is one better than the other? It’s a big debate – Whey or BCAAs. Personally, I don’t think there’s much of a […]

5 Reasons Why Being Buff Sucks

buff-guy-problemsYou know…sometimes being a buff guy (or girl) SUCKS! Don’t get me wrong, for the most part it’s AWESOME. But there are certain aspects of this lifestyle that really blow lol. So for giggles, I’ll share my own 5 reasons why it can suck to have more muscle than the average guy. If you have […]

The 8 Rules of a Successful Cheat Meal

cheat-mealI LOVE my cheat meals. Fact is I’m no different from most people: I love the foods that are bad for you. I just don’t eat them. It’s called discipline. However, as I’ve talked about before, I employ the “80/20 Rule” in this i.e. when you do the right thing 80% of the time, you […]

Quick Low Carb Chicken Avocado Salad Recipe

low-carb-salad-recipeIf you are in need of a quick protein fix and are on a low carb diet, paleo diet, or are currently cutting, you’ll love this easy recipe. It’ll deliver a whopping 43g protein and is a great portable meal. This is another recipe my friend Jim Harte gave me. He runs a clean eating catering […]

The Secret of Fat-Burning Foods

fat-burning-foodsIf you’ve a profile on any social media platform, you’ve certainly seen some of the “informative” pics that get shared a million times with 250,000 likes. You know the ones that detail a muscle-building or fat-burning workout with absolutely NO explanation or scientific reasoning behind it. Or possibly worst of all, the ones that list…FAT BURNING […]

The Top 12 Best Exercises To Build Muscle

top-exercises-to-build-muscThis is an invaluable post for absolutely anyone seeking to gain muscle and strength. I’m going to detail the BEST exercises for each body part. This is based on 2 things: Scientific findings and my own years of lifting experience. The scientific results come from electromyography tests. This involves placing electrodes on the skin of […]

Should You Use Machines To Build Muscle?

should you use machines to build muscleEver heard this… “Machines are for girls, bro”. “Free weights only, bro”... or something to that effect…bro? Of course, these are very scientific arguments against the use of machines for those of us wanting to build muscle On a serious note, there are disadvantages to machines, and using only machines would be a HUGE mistake. […]

turkey-meatballs-recipeThis recipe comes from my friend Jim Harte who runs a clean eating catering business in my local area. Their facebook page is Clean & Lean Catering. If you want high protein, healthy food and you don’t want to cook, this is the place to go! Give them a like – I highly recommend them […]

New 2014 Study Reveals The Best Biceps Exercise

best-biceps-exerciseThe science is in! If you want bigger biceps, this is maybe the most important article you’re ever likely to read. Just recently the American Council on Exercise commissioned exercise scientists at the University of Wisconsin to find out what the most effective biceps exercise was. 8 male and 8 female experienced lifters were used […]

Top Funny Bodybuilding Broscience Quotes

broscience-quotesGotta love some broscience! Usually when someone counters something I say, it starts with, “I heard…” or “Well the guy at the gym said…” Let me stop you right there. If I give an argument supported by logic, reason, and references to studies, you have no business countering with what you “heard”. That’s not how […]

Is 3 Days Really Enough To Build Muscle?

3-days-training-per-weekYes! Yes! 100 times yes! Still to this day I get readers telling me that they’re going to stay on the 5 day THT workout (instead of the 3 day plan) because they want to “speed up” results. Woah! Hold up! The 5-day routine is not more effective. This belief stems from the “more is […]

Simply The Best Low Carb Bread Recipe

low-carb-bread-recipeWho says you can’t have bread on a low carb diet? Ready for what I think is the best low carb bread recipe on the net? I came across a recipe posted by Odette Tracey Swanepoel on Tim Noakes’ The Real Meal Revolution facebook page. She said, “Eureka” I have found it! A bread without […]