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How Did This 40+ Guy Get A Youthful Six-Pack?

SixPackTestimonialIf you think it’s too late to get ripped at 40+ years of age, you’re wrong. STOP selling yourself short!

This post will be VERY encouraging to guys and girls who fit into this category, and motivational for everyone else.

One of the biggest surprises I had when I started this site was the sheer number of guys over 40 (sometimes over 60) who contacted me for advice.

Their number one concern?

“Is it too late for me” “Will this work for me?”   “Am I too old?”   “Will my body still build muscle?”   “Will my body still lose fat?”

Okay. Firstly, being in your 40’s is NOT old. I’m personally planning on living for over 100 years (and that’s not a joke).

Secondly, the biochemical changes that result in muscle growth are the same in a 50 year old as they are in an 18 year old. The stimulus required to induce growth is also the same. Fat loss is the SAME process for everyone too.

Is it possible that growth and fat loss may occur at a slower rate because of your age? Yes, but so what. It’s like that Chinese proverb I quoted in a previous article,

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking”

We all want to grow faster. We all want to lose fat faster. But so long as we are building/losing at all, we just have to ‘KEEP ON WALKING‘ and we will get to where we want to go.

Fortunately, however, ‘Total Six Pack Abs‘ uses 1.5lbs of fat loss per week as the MINIMUM target; so this system will get you there as fast as you’re going to get there.

Okay, enough from me. Here’s the very first correspondence I received from Chris Wolf after his purchase of ‘Total Six Pack Abs’.

“I’m the 43 year old guy who wrote you a few months ago about my concern that your program wouldn’t work for a guy my age in removing mid-section fat, because I was already in pretty good shape, exercised regularly and ate a high-protein diet. Well, it’s working and I can hardly wait to go work out at the YMCA to see the progress in the mirror. Thanks for helping me to get over the hump to try your book.

And by the way, you really need to warn people that this program is going to cost them a lot of money because they will need a new wardrobe. Not only can I see definition in my abs for the first time in my life, but my butt has shrunk too and I’m walking around in baggy pants. Thanks a lot!”

Some ‘before’ pics of Chris…

Some ‘after’ pics…


A little later he followed up with the following..

“I’m still not where I want to be, but I daresay my 43 year old body looks
pretty good thanks to the MuscleHack diet and exercise. Still walking around
in baggy pants though.”

And this…

“Though I’d like to have followed, and still hope to follow, your program with more discipline of weighing and being scientific, I had great success just focusing on the food choices (your recipes) and subbing those out for bread, starches, etc. My hope would be that this testimonial might help people get over the initial hump of “this is too hard; I won’t have success unless I follow his program to the letter.”

So Chris had great results without even following the program to the letter! He used the training system and simply ate WITHIN the acceptable foods list for both low-carb and high-carb portions. Although this isn’t a bad way to start the program if you’ve never done anything like this before, a more scientific approach would have yielded even better results.

Another thing I’d like to mention is Chris’ obvious muscular development.

His shoulders, arms, and especially pecs have certainly grown. His new lower body fat percentage then adds to the more defined look. This is yet another example of someone that has shattered the myth that it’s impossible to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously. It’s TOTALLY possible if you eat and train in a certain way.

For other guys & girls that fit into this age group: STOP putting off the decision to look great! Start to vividly imagine how your body will look if you make that affirmative decision today. Realize that it will have positive knock-on effects on all other areas of your life…

  • Your relationships
  • Your career
  • Your energy levels
  • Your mood
  • Your sense of control over your own destiny!

If you decide NOT to make this decision, you’ll end up back at this point in 1 year, 5 years, or 10 years time wondering if you are too old. Wishing you had have gotten serious the first time around. Heck, you’d already have been reaping the rewards for years if you had just gone for it.

Remember that all you power lies in one moment only: NOW! The past and future don’t objectively exist, they are mental projections. ‘Now’ is the only moment we ever actually experience; realize this and seize it!

ChrisWolfI want to thank Chris for getting in touch with me and submitting his testimonial. As with the rest of the MuscleHack Testimonials, this was totally unsolicited i.e. I did not ask for this review. People, of their own accord, come back to me because they are so excited about their results. And I really appreciate it!

Chris has his own website, ‘IndeaInc‘. You can also follow him on Twitter here.

Well done, Chris. I’m sure you are an inspiration to many!

Your Buddy,


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Mark McManus
Mark McManus
Mark is now available for 1-on-1 consultations to help you take your results to the next level. Click here for more details.
Mark McManus is a trainer & author from Ireland. His work has been featured in major publications all over the world. He is the creator of the free growth-promoting workout Targeted Hypertrophy Training' (THT) and author of the NEW fat-torching system Total Six Pack Abs.
He has also created the BREAKTHROUGH arm and chest maximizer programs The Arms Blast' and 'Chest Blast' workouts.
And if you're a fan of delicious high-protein recipes to fuel your muscle growth, check out his cook book 'Buff Baking' here.

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  • James November 12, 2009, 7:53 pm

    Come on show a 40+ guy that was out of shape to being with. what the gut lose 5lbs. take a guy like me, how is 40+ and look it, who been going to the gym every day twice aday, and only see a part of a pack in his abs.

    don’t show a guy that is 43 that look great to begian with and tell him not to eat for a weenend so you can see his abs and take a photo.

  • Keith Davis November 12, 2009, 8:07 pm

    There’s hope for us all, even the over 50’s.
    I’m pleased with my progress, nothing spectacular, but as you point out… it may be slower as you get older, but if you are facing in the right direction.

    Don’t know if I’d ever have the bottle to send a photo… not one of me that is!

  • Eliab Alvarez de la Campa November 12, 2009, 8:20 pm


    I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ll be 43 myself in January and am well on my way to the best condition that I’ve ever been in terms of strength, endurance, flexibility, and physical appearance. Unlike most guys, I’ve always been really thin. About the only obvious fat on my body is around my waist. If I were to throw a number, I’d say between 2-3 lbs. Loosing these last few, however, has been near impossible. Any tips?


  • Eliab Alvarez de la Campa November 12, 2009, 8:22 pm

    BTW, sorry for misspelling your name Mark!

  • Tristan November 12, 2009, 8:38 pm

    That’s really good that someone has the right attitude to get in shape no matter what their age.

    I took my 49 year old neighbour out for a personal training session, we just did some jogging, followed by some sprint interval training finishing with some hill intervals – I thought it was fairly easy going at her pace, but I found out the next day she had puked after she got back – needless to say she doesn’t want to try it again, despite the fact that it was probably the most intense, and therefore beneficial exercise she’d probably done for a long time!

  • Mark McManus November 12, 2009, 9:34 pm

    @James. That’s fair enough, you are entitled to your opinion but Chris has done very well, especially since he wasn’t very scientific in his approach.
    Also, I can’t “show a 40+ guy that was out of shape to being with” as you say because I don’t ask people for testimonials, or ask my friends to write something, or worse, just make them up like other internet ‘gurus’ do.
    There wouldn’t be ANY testimonials for TSPA or MuscleHack in general unless people said positive statements of their own free will. That’s the way this site will always be because I don’t have the heart to rip people off.
    I’ll assume you were joking with that last statement so I’ll leave it.
    If you have doubts, maybe Chris wouldn’t mind you contacting him. He’s a nice guy and left his Twitter details.
    Take Care.

  • Mark McManus November 12, 2009, 9:43 pm

    @Keith. Yeah, it takes courage to put yourself out there with pics, that’s why I really appreciate when guys send me them and allow the public to see them.
    @Eliab. I don’t know if you have TSPA but there’s a strategy in there called the ‘Fat Flush’ which would take care of it. I am in the process of updating the book again and the FF will feature more prominently in the next version.
    @Tristan. Really inspiring isn’t it? Best to start off with short sessions for newbs or they could end up quitting if they have a bad experience. But their over-optimism can work against them sometimes because they go ALL-OUT from the first session. I’d try encouraging her out again after a little while.

  • Mark McCullagh November 12, 2009, 10:58 pm

    Just to add to the fact that “40-somethings” can get six packs (and more), I’m 49 and I got ripped this summer by dieting and training in a similar fashion to THT.
    And I’ve got pics to prove it. Contact me and I’ll be glad to share them with you….

  • James November 12, 2009, 11:50 pm

    Hey Chirs you did a great job, you look great and I wish you the best. Tell me Chirs what water pill did you take again

  • Chris Wolf November 12, 2009, 11:53 pm

    Wow, I had no idea this testimonial would generate such passionate dialogue. I know the pics I sent mark don’t LOOK dramatic, but for one thing I didn’t insult eveyones intelligence by bloating my stomach way out in the before pics like people do In all the fat burning and body for life ads. The other most amazing part is that this a whole layer of fat that has been plaguing my torso throughout my adulthood is gone and I now get almost daily comments from not only admiring ladies but also dudes who think I’ve been on some massive training program the last few months (which I haven’t). If this inspires someone my age with more impressive pictures to share, then I’m more than happy to pass the torch. In the meantime, stop doubting and start doing. There’s a frigging moneyback guarantee so the only risk is that someone lacks the guts to give it a shot!

  • Al November 13, 2009, 7:32 am

    I appreciate that anyone can shed the pounds and gain lean mass regardless of age. The secret is the diet, motivation and dedication. Being at least 50 and competing in bodybuilding, I can tell you that it can be done, you can get shredded no matter where you start. Some of the issues that were not touched on in the article involve the fact that it takes an older male longer and can be more frustrating for an older person because of low Testosterone and other hormonal issues. As an advisor/trainer I like people to be aware of those things. Otherwise, anyone can truly accomplish these goals if they have the motivation, desire and discipline.

  • Jake November 13, 2009, 2:39 pm

    Looks like he shaved his chest and got into a warmer light. Pumped up his arms with a work out. MAYBE lost a little fat in his arms (or just stopped drinking water for the day). Otherwise, his belly looks exactly the same.

    He got in a plug for his website, though. So good job there.

  • james November 13, 2009, 4:19 pm

    Thank You, Jake, see I’m not the only one that dis-believes in this program or what Chris has done. look like the dude when on vacation got a tan and took a after photo. Chris does not talk about going to the gym or working out.

    I personal hope Chris got money for this plug he did for this site, or a refund for the 50+ he spend on this book, that is all talk, when you ask the Hacker a question, you get a look it up reply. The book talk about a guy that is 160lbs, what to eat and how, but when you ask a question what does a 185lbs guy do, you get a reply do the math your self, after you pay 5.00 for a reply, you get a BS answer, this is one of the biggest reason I do not believe in this program, save your money, just go to a GYM and eat from the earth (food that is grown, not made in a lab)

  • Way to shredded November 13, 2009, 6:58 pm

    Dude….this guy’s before and after are almost identical. What a horrible example.

  • Mike November 14, 2009, 12:08 am

    Nice. Keep up the good work Keith. I don’t see that much of a difference in fat loss; especially around the stomach, but I think you put on some muscle and you look much more defined.

  • Ray November 15, 2009, 4:49 am

    James it seems to me you had a problem sticking to the program and didnt get the mirracle results that you hoped for. I am 42 and just by half ass staying with the program and not doing all the math , I have lost 17lbs and 4% body fat. Its that last 5% thats the hardest. You really should tune into a infomercial to get the over night results YOUR looking for and leave this sight to the men.

  • james November 15, 2009, 11:51 pm

    thats great Ray, but your full of BS, If you scoll up you will see I’m not the only one that think this is a BS program or photo. infact I brought this hacks book, and I did the program only to find out that the data in all wrong in the book, and just because some health nut, but out a book, does not mean its going to work, unless your a sucker to pay 50 for a down load.

  • guy delregno November 16, 2009, 2:30 pm

    Sorry, but this is not what I would call a youthful sixpack! I am 62 yrs old and have a better six pack than this young man and didn; need your program to accomplish. Nutrition and Exercise is a must and anyone with the motivation can achieve this. But, if your trying to sell your product, I suggest you get better subject results and use all different age groups to show that any age can accomplish this feat!

  • Swaggerjacker November 16, 2009, 3:53 pm

    Before picture @ Home no muscle pump, after picture @ the gym muscles are fuller from muscle pump……..that’s the only difference. What a sucky way to show your book works………obviously it’s not working to well.

  • james November 16, 2009, 5:29 pm

    HA, I’m not the only one that this is program and the guy is full of BS. I have told him hundreds of time, buy your money where your month is, still to this day, this Hack, made no atent to e-mail me, or call me to but his book to the test.

    we all think this guy photo are fake, I believe this book is fake too. what does a 28 year old, know about health and training, most of the personal trainner out here that are good at there job, do not need a book, or fake photo’s. I say this Muscle Hacker is more of a has been.

  • Mark McManus November 16, 2009, 6:23 pm

    @James. Firstly, I don’t think there’s anything I can say to convince you that I am a genuine guy, or that Chris is, or that anyone who has sent their pics in is (whether here or at the TSPA page). So I’ll have to leave it at that.
    I DO need to clarify a few points though:
    You told me that you never actually did the program. You didn’t like the fact that there are formulas in the book for you to work out your macronutrients, and wanted me to work it out for you.
    You never paid me 5.00 for any reply. Nor did you, or anyone, ever pay 50+ for the book.
    I don’t recommend food that’s made in a lab. I highly encourage natural foods.
    I’m not sure what you mean by me putting my money where my mouth is. If it’s what you referred to once before, you mean that I should personally coach you to a six-pack for free. I work a day-job, run this site, have a family to take care off, and of course, workout. I don’t have time to do that, and to be fair, that was never part of the deal.
    You told me that you were working out twice a day, six days a week, which has nothing to do with either of my programs. You are grossly overtraining and are actually working against yourself. You need a lay-off. Stop training, eat maintenance calories and get back at it with a sensible ‘step-down’ approach like I discuss in the book and in this article.
    Regardless of the hate you’re slinging at me here, I actually care about the results you get, but you do need to invest some time and read the whole book and then implement it.
    I’m sure you’re a nice guy and it’s only frustration talking, I think we’ve all been there in the past.
    Anyway, I hope you take my advice and can find the motivation to start over again with renewed enthusiasm.
    Take Care,

  • Eliab Alvarez de la Campa November 16, 2009, 6:28 pm

    “what does a 28 year old, know about health and training”

    Well, considering that he possesses a body that few have – made possible by his knowledge of proper nutrition and exorcise, not to mention sheer determination to carry it through day in and day out, I’d say he knows considerably more than most. Now, if you disagree, that’s okay. But, I think it would only be fair for you to support your opinion intelligently via legitimate proof of a program that’s worked better for you. If so, please illuminate all of us and while you’re at it, please show us further proof of your knowledge via pictures. If you cannot, please stop your trolling because it’s pretty damn childish and obnoxious. I’m here to learn and not have to sift through this kind of teenager BS.

  • Keith Davis November 16, 2009, 6:40 pm

    Well said Eliab
    I visit this site to learn, I don’t go along with everything but I’ve tried lots of the ideas on this site and… it helps me stay motivated.
    I don’t follow the low carb diet, but I might do if I was a serious bodybuilder.
    Keep up the good work Mark.

  • james November 16, 2009, 6:42 pm

    WOW, not the kind of reply that I would have sent.

    If you really believed in your book, you would have offered a free coaching, or took to the time to say, hey let me see what your doing wrong so I can help you, so I can show everyone here that my book does work, but you did not say that. all you did was BS. or bully over the facts.

    your trying to sell a book, so you can quit your day job, but with comment like your and others, its does not seem like your a good saleman, maybe all that juicing gone to your head. on 9/29 at 2.20 I brought your book, sent five e-mails question about your book. got BS replys, and keeps all of them.

    Over trainning, I do not thing, doing cardio 6 days a week and 4 hour and a haft work outs, is over trainning.

    so lets stop this, I to have a day job and don’t have time for this.

  • Way to shredded November 16, 2009, 6:46 pm

    Does Mark’s programs work? You’d have to try it yourself to see. Some people it might, others it won’t. Is the example of a 43 year olds before and after picture a good example that Mark’s programs work. NO. Horrible example. The Dude looks the same in the before and after. Plus, even in the after NO Six Pack.

  • james November 16, 2009, 6:58 pm

    I’m 38, retired board certified ophthaimic and cosmetic surgeon. I did your program for 12 weeks, and found thats your program has a lot of errors, and it can work if the person whom buy the book is coached at the start.

  • Ray November 16, 2009, 10:59 pm

    sounds to me like someone is jealous. james i think your acting like a lil kid who wants to get a lil attention. i dont believe for a minute you are certified at anything, by reading your comments and the way you spell and by the wy you write its no wonder you didnt get the results you wanted. you probably couldnt read the book never mind understand it enough to impliment it. dont get me wrong i cant spell either but DAMN yours SUCKS! as to the 43 year olds photo who cares if its not the best example Mark didnt ask for the picture but i am sure it gave Chris more motivation by seeing himself on Mark’s sight. the only way for you to get on here is through your stupid comments. Mark isnt always right and no body could ever follow everthing he says not even himself but it does give people alot more avenues to take so quit your mud slingin and enjoy the sight and maybe even YOU might learn a thing or two, if not about training maybe about how to be a profesional like Mark. if it were up to me i would have banned you from comments along time ago. WAY TO GO MARK YOU ARE THE MAN !!!! (had to put it in caps just to piss you off jane…oops….. i mean james)

  • Rich November 21, 2009, 4:31 pm

    I have been coming to this site for nearly a year and a half now, I have followed the THT programme and got great results, followed the nutrition advice and got great results, and implemented most of the advice I get here and on the forums to great effect. Mark is the kind of guy who puts his heart and soul into what he does and it shows. He has inspired so many people. And he is a genuine guy just like the rest of us, but one who actually has achieved the results most are looking for through his own hard work and without the bullshit you hear elsewhere on the web.

    The stream of bullshit from the haters in this thread is incredible. $50 for the book? Well you only have to follow the link to see that is crap. I have messaged Mark a couple of times and got a reply each time. He is a busy guy, why should he have time to write me an essay? I don’t need an essay anyway. Have to work out your own calorific requirements yourself? Do you want to be spoon-fed your dinner too? There are somethings that you have to get off your own back side and do for yourself. Mark is a fantastic example of the results you can achieve if you apply this principle and he offers 90% of his hard-earned knowledge for free in his own spare time. So to Mark – keep up the good work mate, you provided the motivation I needed to come back to training from a broken back. I always look forward to your articles.

    Rich (Argentina)

  • Keith Davis November 21, 2009, 5:01 pm

    Agree with everything you say.
    I don’t follow all Mark’s advice but I come to this site for information and inspiration and Mark always provides both.
    Lets stop all the griping. Anybody who doesn’t agree with the info on this site… should find a better one… if they can!

  • Matt Belcher December 1, 2009, 8:25 am


    Can you really loose that much so quickly in a health conscious way?

    I do lots of weights to burn fat and I know my diet isn’t the best (I live in the UK and drink pints of beer!) but I do see that the fat comes off when I train hard for weeks. I have never seen this type of fat loss however.